Who is a security architect?

An information security architect is a person who protects a company’s systems and networks by planning and carrying out security measures. They create innovative solutions to prevent critical information from being stolen, damaged or compromised by hackers.

The security architect must possess knowledge of every aspect of information security within the company.

Responsibilities of Security architect:

  • A security architect is responsible for maintaining the security and integrity of data.
  • Their main job is to analyze the security measures of a company and determine how effective they are.
  • Establish plans and protocols to protect digital files and information systems against unauthorized access, modification and/or destruction

  • Analyze security breaches to determine their root cause.
  • They are responsible for implementing any training required including instructing staff on proper security measures both in the office and online.
  • The security architect must work with business administrators as well as IT professionals in communicating flaws in security systems.
  • They recommend changes that will improve every aspect of company security.
  • The security architect is also responsible for creating documentation to help the company in case there are any breaches.
  • Recommend and install appropriate tools and countermeasures

How to become a Security architect?

There is no firm and fast degree requirement for Security architects. Nevertheless, most employers are going to be looking for a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Cyber Security or a related field.

Having said that, there are a lot of current architects who have gone through weird and wonderful routes. If you don’t have a technical degree, you may be able to impress hiring agencies with experience, training and certifications.

Work Experience required for Security architect:

This will depend on the complexity of your organization’s security needs. The majority of job postings ask for 1-5 years of experience. Many folks with 5+ years of experience don’t want the stress of working as an Incident Responder and will opt for a lifelong career as an architect instead. Employers are usually happy to accept them.

Salary of Security architect:

The median annual wage for information security architects was $90,120 in May 2015.

Certifications For Security architects:

Security certifications look good on resumes, but they’re not always necessary for certain positions – check the job requirements. In addition, some of these certifications (e.g. CISSP) require a number of years of experience:

CISSP: Certified Information Systems Security Professional
CISSP-ISSAP: Information Systems Security Architecture Professional
CSSA: Certified SCADA Security Architect
ECSA: EC-Council Certified Security architect
GSEC/ GCIH/ GCIA: GIAC Security Certifications
CEH: Certified Ethical Hacker

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