What is Testing?

Testing is a process of checking the developed application with intention of finding error and to check whether it satisfies the specified requirement or not. If it satisfies the specified requirement but does it satisfy fully?

In testing, software tester uses the application with good questions in all possible ways with different different ideas in order to confirm whether the application is working according to requirements or not and also user friendly or not.

Testing involves a set of scenario executed with the intent of finding errors in developed product so it would get rectified before it gets released to end user.In simple words testing means executing Software/application under positive and negative conditions keeping below mentioned questions in mind

1. Does the application meet requirements if it meets the requirement does it meet correctly and fully?

2. Does the application Work correctly?

Software testing always involves making the developed application work. We cannot just look at software, look at the user interface and decide whether it is correct or not. Software tester have to test it. Testing means executing the software where tester have to do some operations like executing test cases, apply validations, enter some data and looking at the output and comparing it with expected output. Checking from security point of view.
Doing all this we can decide whether the application is working correctly or not.

3. Does all the features work?

First of all Software tester has to check whether the desired features are present in the developed application or not.
If present are they working correctly and fully?

4. What is software Quality?

It is measured on different parameters like whether it is working correctly, whether there are defects or not we can make some judgments about the software’s quality and based on this we can have data that supports this judgement.

For example developed application has ten features out of which five are not working then we can say that application is of poor quality. So once testing is done tester can comment on the quality of developed application. This generated report is then given to developers, to the managers and even to the clients so that client can decide whether the application is ready to ship or not.so this is very important data when testing is done.

5. What is the overall risk associated with application if the application is shipped?

If the application has some minor defects then at that time question arises is it wise to release the application as per timeline from client or those defects needs to be fixed before the application is released.

So based on test report generated after testing managers and developers discuss the impact of minor defects with client if he is ok with it then application is released as per timeline and business objectives but then these defects are fixed in next release and if clients says no defects should be fixed then those minor defects are fixed and application is released with new timeline.

So in this entire process role of software tester is very critical, as discussed above software tester has to check whether each requirement is fully and correctly implemented in application. Does the application work correctly to each of the feature are there any defect in application so tester have to report all these things and gather all the data about software quality and based on this data tester can say what is the overall risk when software is shipped.

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