What is patch tuesday?

Microsoft releases security patches for its windows operating system and application software’s on every second tuesday of the month, hence this day is known as patch tuesday or update tuesday.

It was started in October 2003 as a means of simplifying patch management. Although patches are sent out every tuesday of the month, critial code fixes are sent out any time.

Critics of Patch Tuesday also contend that it provides opportunities for hackers, particularly when a security hole has been announced to the public. Because of Patch Tuesday, hackers will know how long they have to exploit the vulnerability before it is repaired. This phenomenon spawned the creation of a related term, Exploit Wednesday, to refer to the day when hackers get to work on unpatched vulnerabilities in Windows.

So, beginning in early 2017, Microsoft says it will scrap that entire system in favor of a new “single destination for security vulnerability information” called the Security Updates Guide.

The new security portal is driven by an online database. Instead of having to poke through an index of documents, you can sort, search, and filter the database to find details about a specific security bulletin and its associated updates.

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