What is manual test scripting?

Set of instructions written in human language which can be understood by all and which is used in manual testing is known as Test Script. Manual testing test script can also be called as the test cases.

A test script is a set of  instructions which are written in human language and are performed on the system to verify whether the system performs as expected. Test scripts are designed and viewed by whole testing team before they are executed.

Test cases or test steps are included in the test scripts. Manual testing is the oldest kind of testing. In manual testing the testers execute each testcase step by step and check whether the test cases executes successfully or fails. One of the advantage of test script is that it predefines the procedure of how and in what way the test cases should be executed.

One of the example of the scripting language is the VBScript which is used to automate few task in the windows system. Some scripting languages can also be used in the automated testing.

The examples of those languages are as follows:

  • Python.
  • VBscript.
  • Javascript.
  • Perl.

The manual test script testing leads the tester with the desired expected output. An example of this is teacher teaches the students but the teacher is not aware of how much the student is understanding that subject but the teacher desires the expected result of the student.

Advantages of manual test scripting:

  • In manual scripting test, there is no need to pay any money as in automation testing money is to be paid for the tools to be used for testing.
  • Manual testing is flexible. In this testing technique whichever test case we want to test, we can execute it and check the result. But in automated testing this is difficult.

Disadvantages of manual test scripting:

  • Certain test cases or certain things are difficult and cannot be tested manually. One example is low level regression testing which cannot be done  manually.
  • If any changes are made to the program then the test case need to be tested again manually.


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