What is Manual support testing?

Manual testing is the most oldest kind of technique for testing. Manual testing includes all the functionalities performed by the people for preparing the data and then use this data from the automated application. Manual support testing includes first the evaluation of the process that is whether the process is acceptable or not and then second the execution of the process. This Manual support testing is the testing of the manual functions.

Manual support testing is similar to an examination in which the user is asked to provide the answer based on the rules and procedures available to them.

There are some objectives of manual support testing as follows:

  • Verify that the manual support procedures are documented and complete.
  • Determine that the responsibility of the manual support has been assigned.
  • Determine that the people working in manual support are adequately trained.
  • Determine that the manual support and the automated segment are properly interfaced.

The following are the steps to be followed while performing the manual testing:

  • The manual tester should firstly understand the functionality of the program.
  • Then he should prepare the environment of testing.
  • Prepare the test cases and execute them manually.
  • Observe and verify the actual result.
  • Record the result as pass or fail.

When to use manual support testing?

Verification of the Manual support testing should be done during the project life cycle. The system testing should not be kept for the later stages of the life cycle. This testing is best done during the installation phase.


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