What is incremental testing?

Incremental testing is a type of software testing where different modules are integrated and testing is carried out at each step. At the time of integration there are lot of approaches that developers can adopt and one of them is incremental approach. The advantage of incremental testing is that it provides an earlier feedback to software developers.

Incremental Testing Methodologies

1. Top down:

In top down approach testing takes place from top to bottom. Unavailable Components or systems are substituted by stubs

2. Bottom up:

In bottom up approach testing takes place from bottom to top. Unavailable Components or systems are substituted by Drivers.

3. Functional incremental:

The Integration and testing takes place on the basis of the functions or functionalities as per the functional specification document (FSD).

Advantages of Incremental Testing:

1. Defects can be found at early stage.
2. Root cause of any defect can be traced easily.

Disadvantages of Incremental Testing:

1. This approach is little time consuming as initially stubs and drivers needs to be created as they have to be used in test.

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