What is Gorilla testing in software testing?

The testing technique which tests one particular module/ functionality heavily is called as Gorilla testing. Gorilla testing tests one particular module repeatedly using some random inputs. In this testing some of the developers also join the testers to test the module thoroughly.

Gorilla testing doesn’t need any test cases and test data.It uses the random data to test the application. Each time different random data that is both the valid and invalid data is provided as input to test the result and observe the behaviour of the system. Gorilla testing is a type of manual testing in which the system which is tested by the testers several times is again tested with random data to check the robustness of the system.

Consider an example:

Imagine that the software developed by the developers is given to the gorilla to test, then the gorilla will randomly press the buttons and the irrelevant result will be observed. Using the gorilla testing the system should not be misbehaved that is the system should not get crashed. Gorilla testing is mostly used to test the games.

Advantages of gorilla testing:

  • Gorilla testing is a challenging testing where not all testers can perform this type of testing.
  • In this testing technique a particular module / functionality is checked thoroughly.

Disadvantages of gorilla testing:

  • Cannot be performed by all the testers.
  • It’s little bit boring kind of testing.
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