What is dynamic testing in software testing?

Dynamic testing is a type of software testing where testing is carried out by executing the code on machine.
It checks for functional behavior of software system, memory/CPU usage and overall performance of the system.

In dynamic testing input and output values are analyzed with respect to expected output. Dynamic testing is the Validation part of Verification and Validation. Dynamic test is very important to evaluate software, before its release to market, as it validates all its features are working.

In order to conduct dynamic testing, the code must be at a stage where it can be compiled and run. To ensure a sufficiently broad range of test cases are used in dynamic testing, many developers choose to utilize automated software testing tools. By automating the dynamic testing process, developers are able to conduct thorough, robust tests throughout the development process.

The testers who handle dynamic testing should have the required knowledge, extensive experience, competency and skills. With the right type of skills and knowledge, testers can easily solve any problems as and when they arise. They can also create a sturdy and efficient test designs that would be useful in any type of real-time situations.

Reasons for Conducting Dynamic Tests:

  • Dynamic testing helps you to create and sell stable, long lasting software.
  • Dynamic testing is perhaps the most important and critical test that will help you establish the viability, life span and robustness of the software product.
  • The main purpose of the dynamic test is to ensure consistency to the software, so that evaluation of the software will have the desired standards.

Dynamic testing types:

The Dynamic Testing Techniques are broadly classified into two categories. They are:

  • Functional Testing.
  • Non-Functional Testing.

Levels of Dynamic Testing:

There are various levels of Dynamic Testing Techniques. They are:

  • Unit Testing.
  • Integration Testing.
  • System Testing.
  • Acceptance Testing.
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