What is domain testing is a software testing?

Domain testing is a software testing technique in which small number of test cases are selected from a pool of infinite group of test cases.

Domain testing is an example of partitioning testing. In domain testing strategies the program’s input space is classified into many domains and each such input domain consists of a set of input values that are equivalent in the sense that when any of inputs in particular domain are supplied the programs show the identical behavior.

Thus domain testing involves classifying input space into set of partitions, selecting input values from each such partitions, supplying these inputs to a program, and checking whether the program shows expected behavior.

Domain testing can be classified as functional and structural testing. If domain testing is based on specifications, then it is functional test technique and if domain testing is used to verify correctness of implementation then it is a structural technique.

Domain testing is probably the most widely described, and one of the most widely practiced, software testing techniques.

Domain – Equivalence Class Testing

Equivalence class carries its own significance when performing domain testing. Different ways of equivalence class are:

  • Intuitive equivalence.
  • Specified equivalence.
  • Subjective equivalence.
  • Risk-based equivalence.
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