What is conversion testing in software testing?

Conversion Testing is a kind of testing in which one data format is converted into another format so that the new format of data can be used by the application correctly.

Conversion testing authenticates the correctness of converted format. Data conversion is as simple as the text conversion.

Consider an example if we want to test the conversion of Microsoft word document to HTML pages, then we don’t need to check the html pages with browsers like Firefox or any other browsers. We need to check the html pages with the W3C specifications.

Each computer has its own way of handling the programs in different manner. Whenever any one of the variable of program is changed, the data should be converted into another different format so that the newly formed data can be used by different computer program or operating system.

Examples of conversion testing:

  • Programming language Conversion.
  • Database file conversion.
  • Document conversion.
  • Media conversion like audio conversion, video conversion, image conversion.
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