What is Conformance testing in software testing?

Conformance testing is also known as the compliance testing. Conformance testing can be either logical testing or physical testing. Logical or physical testing includes:

  • Stress testing
  • Load testing

Compliance testing/Conformance testing includes two things:

1.Testing tool and

2. Testing program.

Here the testing program cannot run without testing tool, so the testing tool is necessary to run the testing program. But in conformance testing it is not necessary to test all standard or specification. Conformance testing is a kind of testing which is used to examine whether the implementation meets the requirements of a specification are fulfilled or not.
ISTQB Conformance testing
conformance testing includes:

Testing program –  Testing tool –  Standards or specification –  organization which will test the programs Using the conformance testing we need to check the objective specifications, what is the scope of the objectives. Consistency, completeness of the system with respect to the requirement specifications are checked.

The specifications are categorized into profiles, level and modules.The procedure of the conformance testing is same as the other testing procedures.The following diagram shows the process of the conformance testing.
What is Conformance testing istqb

  • conformance testing examines whether the requirements provided are utilized properly or not.
  • It helps us to identify the areas that needs to be tested like syntax and semantics.
  • Provides the proper implementation of the standards.
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