What is comparison testing?

Comparison testing is a kind of testing in which the software product’s strengths and weaknesses are compared by the testers with another software which is currently available in the market. Comparison testing compares the contents of files, databases, folders against the actual result.

Comparison testing technique compares the actual result with the expected result. Comparison testing allows the user to know whether the software is marketable or not. There are two ways of performing the comparison test:

1. Direct Comparison
2. Objective Comparison

1. Direct comparison:

Particular parts of each site are tested against each other. Multiple sites are being tested at the same time.

2. Objective comparison:

Here in objective comparison one site is tested at a time. Same test is tested separately on different sites.

In comparison testing the actual results are compared with the expected results. So this kind of comparison is done in two ways:

1. Dynamic comparison
2. Post-execution comparison

1. Dynamic comparison:

This type of Dynamic comparison is done when the test is executing. When the test is executing the results are compared with another different sites. So if the actual result does not match with the expected result some actions are taken to overcome the errors.

2. Post-execution comparison:

In this type of comparison the test is executed after the execution is completed. Post-execution comparison is done when there is large amount data.

The attributes of the software which are compared using comparison testing are:

  • Features
  • Performance
  • Usability
  • Reliability

Advantages of comparison testing:

  • It is a useful testing technique since it allows the testers to compare the actual results with the expected result.
  • The strengths and weaknesses of software can be found.

Disadvantages of comparison testing:

  • Others software developers can find the strength and weakness of your project and can work against it.
  • It is difficult to make changes in the software that has been mostly developed
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