What is Benchmark testing in software testing?

Benchmark testing is the process of load testing a component or an entire end to end testing of developed application to determine the performance characteristics of the application. A benchmark is a point of reference by which something can be measured.

Benchmark testing can combine aspects of security testing. In case of benchmark testing firewall is an example. The system and or user loads need to be combined with security violation executed repeatedly against the component to determine its performance benchmark.

How to Perform Benchmark Testing?

Benchmark Testing is generally be performed on the same environmental parameters and under same conditions so that we can compare the results.

There are some characteristics of benchmark testing:

1. The Tests should be repeatable

2. The tests should be executed under the same environmental conditions each time.

3. Apart from an application under test there should not be any other application in active state.

4. The Software and Hardware components should be in-line with the specifications of the production environment.

There are various components in a software that need to be benchmarked to realize the performance changes.

  • SQL Queries
  • SQL Procedures
  • SQL Triggers
  • SQL Indexes
  • Hardware Configurations
  • Networks
  • Firewalls

Advantages of benchmark testing:

1. Provides a reliable indicator of application performance for overnight builds
2.Diagnoses expensive issues early and reliably before application release

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