What is Alpha testing?

Alpha testing is a type of testing in which developed software or application is tested before release. Alpha testing is done at developer’s site i.e. within the company and is typically performed by a group that is independent of the development team.

Sometimes alpha testing is done by internal test team, independent test team, potential end users and stakeholders before releasing it to the external customer. Alpha testing is done for software applications, project and product. In this testing developers note down all the problems faced by user.

Alpha testing is performed in virtual environment and is performed when the development of the application is going to be completed.Alpha testing is always performed with the acceptance testing. Both Black box testing and White box testing are involved in alpha testing.

The following diagram explains the position of Alpha testing in the software development life cycle.


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There are two phases in alpha testing:
1. First phase
2. Second phase

1. First phase:
In the first phase, the system is developed by the in-house developers. The goal of the first phase is to catch the bugs quickly.

2. Second phase:
In the second phase, the software is handed to the Software quality assurance (QA) team for performing some additional testing.

The following are the entry criteria for alpha testing:

  • Software requirement document should be ready
  • Test cases for all the requirements should be ready.
  • Lab environment setup should be tested.
  • Testing team should have the testers with good knowledge about testing and software application.

The following are the exit criteria for the alpha testing

  • All the test cases should be executed and they must be passed.
  • Check whether no more additional functionalities can be included.

Advantages of alpha testing:-

  • Provides view about a software at an early stage.
  • Provides early detection of errors.

Disadvantage of alpha testing:-

  • Depth testing cannot be done as the project is under development.
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