What is accessibility testing in software testing?

In Accessibility testing the users under consideration are the people with all abilities and disabilities. Accessibility testing is used to ensure that the system which is developed which could be hardware or software can be used by all the people with abilities and also by the people who are having disabilities. Disability includes a wide range of physical disabilities like hearing, old age, color blindness, deaf, etc.

Why to use Accessibility Testing?

Today’s world is full of internet era. Web has a significant effect on everyone’s life. Each and every people use web let it be for e-commerce use, for shopping, social media etc. So it is important to make available all the information and electronic tools to everyone especially for the people who are having some disabilities. So the web accessibility testing ensures that the people with disabilities can also use the system.

The system to be used by all people the following points should be noted:

  •  Whether all proper instructions are provided through documentation or manual
  •  Whether application is supported by all the hardware and operating systems.
  • To become familiar with the application/ system check whether training is provided to the people having disabilities.
  • Check whether all the keyboard equivalents are provided or not.
  • Check whether the response time for the page is mentioned or not. Because if time is not mentioned people will not understand how long to wait for the page to appear.
  • Check whether the application provides sound alert or not.

Accessibility Testing:

Accessibility testing can be done in two ways:

1. Manual
2. Automated

Accessibility Tools:

The following is the list which provides the accessibility freeware tools:

  • Accessibility checker
  • Wave
  • Color Contrast Analyzer
  • aDesigner


  • Can be used by all people even the people with disabilities.
  • Great learning experience.


  • Expensive to do it properly
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