What are script kiddies?

A script kiddie is often, but not always, an immature hacker, an attacker who uses scripts or programs developed by more sophisticated hackers or crackers.Oftentimes the underlying motivation for a script kiddies attack is simply to gain the attention of peers.

Script Kiddies are generally looked down upon by the hacking community for their lack of self-taught skills and reliance upon premade exploit programs and files.

Script kiddies shortcut most hacking methods in order to quickly gain their hacking skills. They don’t put much thought or time into gaining computer knowledge, but educate themselves in a fast manner in order to learn only the bare minimum.

Script kiddies cut and paste code written by others without having or desiring an understanding of how the code actually works and generally only care what the code can do for them.

Script kiddies are also more often to be found to spend their maximum time on bug bounty sites considering they would succeed finding some vulnerability with their limited skill set.

Although they are considered to be inexperienced and immature, script kiddies can inflict as much computer damage as professional hackers and can be subject to similar criminal charges as their older and more savvy counterparts.

It is thought that there may be millions of script kiddies currently on the internet.

In 2000, Michael Calce was arrested in Canada for using existing downloading tools to launch denial-of-service (DoS) attacks on popular websites such as Yahoo and eBay. The high school-aged boy’s actions ultimately cost a total of $1.2 billion in economic damages worldwide. The following year, the Montreal Youth Court banned him from the Internet and sentenced him to eight months of open custody, 12 months of probation and a small fine.

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