What are CVE identifiers (CVE)

CVE Identifiers (also referred to by the community as “CVE IDs,” “CVE entries,” “CVE names,” “CVE numbers,” and “CVEs”) are unique, common identifiers for publicly known cyber security vulnerabilities.

Syntax: CVE prefix + Year + Arbitrary Digits

Example: CVE-2014-0001

Note:- The arbitrary digits can be four digits, five, six and more if needed.

Creation of a CVE Identifier

The process of creating a CVE Identifier begins with the discovery of a potential security vulnerability or exposure. The information is then assigned a CVE Identifier by ay CVE Numbering Authority (CNA), and posted on the CVE website by the CVE Editor. As part of its management of CVE, The MITRE Corporation functions as CVE Editor and Primary CNA. The CVE Editorial Board oversees this process.

Requesting CVE Identifiers
To receive a CVE ID for your issue you must contact a CVE Numbering Authority (CNA). See Request a CVE Identifier for details.

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