Quality Assurance Engineer ||Test Automation || 2-6 yrs – 18/07/2017

Quality Assurance Engineer ||Test Automation || 2-6 yrs – 18/07/2017

Apply Here: http://www.hirist.com/j/quality-assurance-engineer-test-automation-2-6-yrs-247418.html?ref=ep

Location: Gurgaon

Job Description:

Quality Assurance Engineer (Web)

The QA Engineer (Web) is responsible for developing sophisticated testing and site management automation and to ensure the web software is awesome and high-quality!


  • Develop automated functional tests for web software.
  • Reviews functional requirements and manual test cases for completeness.
  • Organizes and reports development progress and test results within a context of meaningful test coverage.
  • Report on test results, file bugs, and assist Engineering in isolating and reproducing bugs.
  • Work with Engineering, and Product Management teams to identify high-impact issues.


  • At least 2+ years of experience with experience in delivering automated test suites.
  • Test automation framework implementation and maintenance experience.
  • High proficiency with script and test program development using contemporary test frameworks (Selenium with WebDriver preferred).
  • Reasonable fluency in Java or Python.

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