Now Ransomeware Infecting Smart TVs

The Ransomware began to attack in force in 2013 and so far we all know that Ransomeware only attacks PCs and smartphones, now there are reports arrived that smart TVs are the new victims for them.

After targeting hospitals, universities, and businesses, Ransomware has started popping up on Smart TV screens.
A new version of the Frantic Locker (better known as FLocker) Ransomware has now the ability to infect and lock down your Smart TVs until you pay up the ransom.

Darren Cauthon, a software engineer, pointed out that in the middle of Christmas his LG smart TV was infected with Ransomeware. According to a tweet published with the picture of the TV, it seems that smart TV was infected with Ransomeware “Cyber.police” which is also known as Flocker, Frantic locker or dogspectus.

Android Ransomware now targets your Smart TV, Too!

Family member’s TV is bricked by Android malware.#Ig wont disclose factory reset. Avoid these “smart TVs” like the plague.

Ransomeware Cyber.police

This Ransomeware asks for $500 as a ransome, while at the same time when the software engineer, Darren Cauthon contacted the LG, the representatives of LG told him to simply visit one of their service centers, where one of its employees could reset his TV.

However, latter Darren Cauthon that the service came with a heavy price tag attached – $340 and this price tag is enough that cauthons family member might have been better off buying a new television completely. Since smart TV is infected you cannot do anything about it as it being common in ransomware attack. The amount requested to unlocking is $500. LG also wants the user, probably by performing reset and reinstall the software. But as we told that the requested amount was $240.

Moreover Cauthon still realized how well the TV was infected but suspect it was through an App.

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