What is networking – An Introduction to networks

In our day to day life, we often come across this word “network”. so what is network? A group of elements when connected together forms a network. In a computer network, workstations and many other peripheral devices such as routers, printers, hubs etc. are connected together forming a network. This connection of network can be wired or it can be wireless.

Why do we need a network?

We need a network basically so that,

– All connected devices can communicate with each other.
– They can share resources like files, printers, cameras, databases and much more.
– To transfer data from once device to other.

Where are networks used?

Networks are used widely bacause it facilitate easy operations, mainly they are used in

– Large organisations.

– Hospitals

– Educational Institutes etc.

A typical network is shown in figure below,

what is networking

A small network is easily managed as we can understand how the devices are connected but same is not the case when number of devices in a network increases. the complexity also increases when a number of workstations in a network increases. Thus in-order to keep the understanding of networks simple we use models and architectures. The model provides a standard format to which all the networks must adhare and the network architecture helps to understand the physical layout of networking. Depending upon the size of area, the networks are categorized.

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