Cellebrite a Phone-Hacking Firm Got Hacked

Cellebrite, a digital forensics firm known for selling digital forensics and mobile hacking tools to others, has itself fallen victim to hackers.

Cellebrite released a statement on Thursday acknowledging that there was an unauthorized access to an external web server,” and said that it is “conducting an investigation to determine the extent of the breach.

Technology news website Motherboard journalist Joseph Cox said that an unidentified hacker gave him 900 gigabytes of data from Cellebrite’s servers.It said the trove of data includes customer information, databases and technical data about the company’s products.

It is said that the data consisted of technical information, evidence and log files from Cellebrite devices,” as well as trove contained messages from authorities in Russia, Turkey and the Arab Gulf.

Cellebrite added that it did not believe there was any risk to customers as a result of this incident but customers were advised to change their passwords. Customers are also being notified of the incident.

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