Beware Fake Super Mario Run game for Android Installs Malware

Nintendo recently released the Super Mario Run mobile game available for the iOS users. Nintendo’s Super Mario Run was downloaded more than 40 million times in the first four days it was available. But an Android version has yet to materialize. An official release is on the way, but cybercriminals are taking advantage of this to spread their malware to eager gamers.

The “Android Marcher trojan” appears as a fake landing page advertising the release of the game, where it can be downloaded onto users’ devices.Once installed on a victim’s device, the Marcher malware asks for multiple permissions, including administrative rights. If a victim provides such rights, the malware can start performing its malicious activities. It then targets financial and banking apps and can modify your settings and read your contacts.

Fake Super Mario Run for Android Installs Malware

Previously, the Trojan was seen targeting well-known Australian, United Kingdom, and French banks, but the new variant is aiming at account management apps and well-known banks. The new iteration was also observed presenting fake credit card pages to users once they open the Google Play store on their devices.

“The malware locks out Google Play until the user supplies the credit card information,” the security researchers warn.

However, because the banking overlay pages served by the command and control (C&C) server were not functioning properly during the analysis, the security researchers believe that the malware was still under development. The new variant also packs a new obfuscation technique, with all important string characters delimited with ‘<<zB5>>’.

Your best option is to wait until Nintendo officially releases it for Android.In the meantime, if you’re that desperate, get an iPod Touch and use that to download Super Mario Run.

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